Petroleum Engineering – Yay or Nay?

In this modern world, energy is a very important factor that allows us to do many of the things we do.  Aside from being reliant on electricity, you can say that every country in the world relies on oil and gas to keep the engines of our motorized vehicles running.  Without petrol, many countries will come to a standstill as fuel is crucial in the transport of not just food, products, and other commodities, but also for the transport of people.  Planes, ships, ferries, cargo ships, trucks, buses, cars, and even diesel-powered locomotives all require petrol to keep their combustion engine running.

The depletion of oil supply is a scenario many of us are not familiar with.  To ensure oil companies are able to keep the supply of petroleum, gas, and oil running, petroleum companies invests greatly in equipment as well as people in petroleum engineering to help them with the task of finding, identifying, drilling, recovery, development, processing, and production of new oil wells that can potentially supply part of the world’s daily requirement in gas and oil.

Petroleum engineering is a field of engineering that is mainly involved in almost every stage of oil and gas exploration, identification, recovery, development, and production.  The main role petroleum engineer’s play is the maximization of hydrocarbon recovery but at minimal cost for the oil company.  One of their key focuses with every oil well they develop on properly identified oil reservoir is reducing the well’s impact on the environment while at the same time being able to effectively and efficiently collect every ounce of hydrocarbon within every oil and gas reservoir that tap their well to.

Contrary to popular belief, petroleum engineering is not just a single field of discipline or study as there are different specializations involved.  Petroleum engineering is divided into mainly four subgroups that work and correlates together to get maximum efficiency.  These four are: Petroleum Geologists, Reservoir Engineers, Production Engineers, and Drilling Engineers.  It is through this proper classification of their engineering study that they are able to apply more effectively their knowledge in the field.

Although every petroleum engineers are very much aware of what the others do, but just like doctors where even a very talented cardiologist surgeon is not qualified or skilled enough to perform neurosurgery, this is very much the same for petroleum engineers as they only have a particular field of expertise.  For any oil company to make the most out of hiring a petroleum engineer, they also need to consider hiring other petroleum engineers that are of different specializations.


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