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20 girls and 20 boys from my school went to the Ricoh Coliseum for the Junior NBA workshop, sponsored by Under Armor.

Our school first called students who were interested in trying out for one of the Junior Teams. The people who tried out for the team, but did not make it also took this chance to put their names into a raffle to be picked. We also had to put our shirt, short and shoe sizes on the raffle. Then 40 names were drawn from the raffle, and my name was one of them. We were later told that we would be going to Ricoh Coliseum for a NBA workshop.

Everyone who worn the raffle was given a pair of basketball shoes, socks, shorts and a Junior NBA T0shirt, all Items sponsored by Under Armor. On Wednesday February 10, 2016, we received our clothing and shoes and we were able to take them home and try the one.

On Friday February 13, 2016, we left our school at 9:30 AM. Going there was fine, but once we reached the Center, there were a lot of other school buses there that it took us almost 20 minutes just waiting to pass. Once we got off our bus, we went into the center, sat and watched the USA team do some drills, then the cheerleaders and the Mascots came to do a performance. A few people spoke then they sent us off to begin playing.

Our coaches started by making us do some simple dribbling drills. We got into lines and started to run while dribbling the ball, then did other drills like sliding. Our coach got deeper into defense, and we spent a while doing different drills that would help is to become better defenders. We also learned the formation that you would use when you are taking a shot. We started with no balls, but soon after we started to learn jump shots and layups.

We also learned a lot of teamwork because in basketball it is not only one person, it is the whole team that contributes. We got into to teams, did some jump shot challenges, strength challenge and speed challenges. At the end we were able to meet and get a picture with the famous Dikembe Mutombo. After that we packed our stuff and got ready to go home.

I had a really fun day, I got to play basketball and have fun with my friends. I hope one day you Watoto’s will have this chance too.

As Stephen Curry said himself, “Every time I rise up, I have confidence that I am going to make it.”


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